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Our Approach

Our end-to-end approach gives partner institutions the administrative capacity and insight needed to greatly mitigate the risk of infection at an affordable price and the ability to deliver safe working and learning environments for all.

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Laboratory Partners

Responding to the enormous challenges created by COVID-19, Mount Sinai Health System, Mirimus Labs, and Quadrant Biosciences entered a unique partnership with C-19 Safety First to provide affordable and highly accurate, rapid-results PCR COVID-19 testing. 

Mount Sinai

COVID lab is recognized by the FDA as the most sensitive extraction/instrument combination.

Mirimus Lab

The leading provider of pool testing in the nation and awarded the Grand Prize in the XPRIZE Rapid COVID Testing Competition.

Quadrant BioScience

Based in Syracuse and offers cheek-swab tests for nurseries and nursing homes allowing testing for all ages.



COVID Confidence

through a personalized program

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