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Who is C-19 Safety First?

Megan Tiller

Aug 18, 2022

One sheet of facts you need to know.

Since May, 2020, C-19 Safety First has facilitated surveillance testing using saliva and pool strategies at significant scale:

  • Gold Standard PCR tests catch the asymptomatic

  • Spread events are minimized and avoided

  • Pool testing allows C-19 to be the lowest-cost testing alternative

  • Our results speak for themselves


Low barriers to testing means better health outcomes for under-served communities. Decentralized saliva-based testing also creates local jobs, develops local logistics capacity, and helps ensure community readiness for the next pandemic.


No medical personnel required. Performers, engineers, students, cleaning teams, teachers, security guards, and corporate execs have all produced samples using the same simple testing technology every week to ensure the safety of their workplaces and their communities. C-19 collaborates with every client to customize their testing strategy and stay ahead of the virus.


We report accurate, timely testing results every day, and our clients are therefore able to generate better business results. C-19 customers have the facts to make rational, pro-active decisions about workplace safety. Throughout the pandemic, we helped connect labs and hospitals with schools, private employers and public authorities (like the MTA), and developed local courier networks to minimize testing turnaround times across the country.

Unfortunately, the current pandemic is not over, and it is unlikely to be the last one we will face. Creating a surveillance plan for the next waves of COVID that avoids testing fatigue is the imperative; utilizing the same logistics and lab capabilities to address other saliva-based testing needs is the opportunity.

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