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Elbow Greeting
Elbow Greeting

Classroom Safety

We offer a highly accurate, affordable, non-invasive COVID testing solution -- including program start-up, easy sample collection events, and quick, privacy-protected results notification -- to minimize the burden on school staff. Our overriding goal is maximizing the learning and physical and mental health of all within a participating school community.

Four Key Steps to Safe Classrooms


C-19 will create a customized program to meet the overall health and safety needs of your community. 

We will train your team on this non-invasive COVID-19 testing approach and provide easy-to-understand information in multiple languages

Setup Testing Program


C-19 manages your in-house roster and HIPAA compliant consent for those who are testing.


After each testing event, we collect the samples to ensure the process is high-quality, quick, and anonymous

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Collect Samples


C-19 uses the CDC's 'gold standard' PCR testing to detect the virus.

Once the COVID lab receives your samples, C-19 guarantees a 24-hour turnaround for your results. To learn more about the labs we partner with, click the icon to the right.  

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Determine Results


C-19 provides individual test results to all participants through a HIPAA-compliant process to ensure privacy. 


The individual will receive a secured email of their results. We will also provide a custom report with the overall test results to your COVID coordinator.

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Results Rapidly Notified

Westchester School System

NYC Public Schools had to move to remote learning due to COVID outbreaks, but the Westchester schools and districts were able to stay open safely after implementing weekly testing.

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